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Overview and Experience

Clyde (Terry) H. Slease, III is a Senior Consultant member of Keevican Weiss & Bauerle LLC.

Mr. Slease concentrated in public affairs, business, real estate and corporate law. He regularly represented private and public concerns before the United States Congress and state and local governments.

Mr. Slease worked extensively with federal, state and local officials on behalf of his clients. He has had extensive dealings with scholars, foreign policy professionals, diplomats and government leaders, both domestically and internationally. Mr. Slease was actively involved in representing private and public concerns before the U.S. Congress and state and local governments. Responsibilities included writing legislation, appropriation, health care consulting, planning and creating strategy for legislative matters and dealing with Congress, the White House, Governor’s office and local officials. His experience in creating coalitions and framing issues has helped many clients.

Mr. Slease also has significant experience working with foreign nationals on their personal and corporate matters in the United States and abroad. He has handled estate and trust matters for wealthy individuals and consults with banking and private trust officials.

Among other client matters, Mr. Slease has:

  •  Drafted legislation and subsequently secured pension plan relief for an international remanufacturer of railroad axels, enabling the company to remain in business and retain its 2,300 workers.
  •  Stopped federal legislation regarding patent extensions on two of the most widely sold pharmaceutical products on behalf of a client representing consumer and generic drug interests.
  •  Worked with the appropriations process in the Congress to secure appropriations for clients in the fields of health care, manufacturing and education.
  •  Represented an international organization in enacting laws in the Congress and States to increase the powers of law enforcement in combating the counterfeiting of manufacturing products.