About Our Firm

Committed To Our Clients

Keevican Weiss & Bauerle LLC has built its reputation on providing practical business legal advice to its clients. What makes the Firm stand out is its understanding of its clients’ needs as well as the access it offers to the capital markets through its subsidiary, Renaissance Partners, LLC.

The Firm’s practice areas and industry groups cover a broad range of business and legal needs. This breadth of expertise and resources enables the Firm to provide solutions in a traditional way or in an innovative fashion. It also offers an unprecedented range of services through two ancillary services groups: Renaissance Partners, LLC and FiCap Strategic Partners, LLC. These ancillary businesses provide the legal, investment banking, and business consulting services that help companies succeed.

Keevican Weiss & Bauerle LLC also maintains the flexibility demanded by its corporate clients to resolve disputes in a cost-effective manner tailored to meet the client’s needs and financial boundaries. The Firm frequently works with its clients to establish budgets and effective commercial litigation strategies that enable the clients to meet their corporate goals within budgetary and time constraints.

What distinguishes Keevican Weiss & Bauerle LLC is its ability to provide a wide range of practical legal and business solutions. Many of its lawyers have career experience in industry and government. They understand the needs of business, and they have the experience and resources that help companies continue their success.


We achieve our goals as a team and subordinate our individual interests to those of the group. We respect and value our diversity and the different contributions we each make to our success.


We are defined by client goals and needs, not lawyer interests or skills. Moreover, we understand and serve the whole client, rather than merely applying specific knowledge to address discrete issues.


We take pride in our work, always seeking to improve our products, our services and ourselves.