Estate Administration

While remaining sensitive to the emotional and human issues involved with a decedent’s estate, our attorneys, will advise executors or administrators in the efficient probating of an estate regardless of its size or complexity.

We can help ease administrative and taxations burdens by supervising the timely distribution of assets, obtaining appraisals of assets, filing inventory of assets, collecting debt and asset information, resolving disputes, collection of life insurance proceeds and other benefits, and preparing and filing the applicable federal estate tax return and/or Pennsylvania inheritance tax return. From the first estate decisions to the final distribution of assets to the beneficiaries, we work closely with the estate’s executor or administrator to ensure that he or she is involved in every aspect of the administration of the estate. And if the need arises, we are also experienced in defending and challenging wills, distribution disputes, and fiduciary liability actions.


Alexander L. Eckman

Trusts & Estates