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The strategic decision to enter a foreign market presents an executive management team with a challenging set of critical decisions which often alters dramatically a firm’s culture and business prospects. Matters such as understanding thoroughly the served foreign market, its competitive landscape, cultural differences, product positioning, comparative law issues, and of course, the structure of and the financial valuation of the chosen business collaboration all come to bear upon a cross border market entry.

Keevican Weiss & Bauerle has extensive experience in facilitating and enabling successful collaborations between U.S. and foreign enterprises. The Firm’s cross border services encompass the entire foreign market entry process, ranging from an initial onshore market entry to the establishment of a stable and far reaching permanent business operation. The Firm’s services derive from its extensive experience with complex international law and business matters as well as assisting with critical post-acquisition integration matters. The Firm routinely calls upon its extensive network of contacts in business, government, and technology sectors across the globe. KWB also firmly believes that bridging cultural differences are critical to any form of cross border collaboration, particularly upon a post-acquisition basis. The Firm’s sensitivity to and knowledge of various foreign cultures and business practices are of significant value in the establishment of successful cross border alliances.

The Firm has represented U.S and foreign enterprises engaged in cross border trade in over 40 countries across five continents. Our international services encompass the entire range of cross border development from market entry to establishment of permanent operations to post-acquisition transition management. For this purpose, the Firm assists its clients with respect of the following key aspects of international business operations and strategic investments:

Onshore Formation / Choice or Entity

Foreign Sales and Distribution Channels

intellectual Property

Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions


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